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At Nicky's, we try to make everything we serve in house and from scratch. From pasta and pizza dough to our charcuterie, herbs and even our bar mixes, we believe in using sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients from trusted vendors and businesses.


Every morning we make the doughs used for our pastas and pizza using Italian "00" flour. This is a non-GMO, unbleached and unbromated flour to yield the perfect texture.

Our pizza dough is leavened with the help of our house sourdough starter named “Bert”, giving it a unique flavor and texture to other anywhere else.


Nicky’s pies are made in the style of a Napoletana pizza, but because of the sourdough starter, and use of a coal burning oven rather than wood, they are unique, crispier, and (we think) pretty darn tasty.


We like the term "docks to kitchen" and source from companies that, as much as possible, deliver directly from the docks primarily from the South Atlantic and Gulf fisheries. This gives us the freshest seafood possible.

All of the beef, and most of the pork and lamb we serve comes from Porter Road Butcher. We’ve chosen to partner with them because of their high standards towards quality and sustainability.


Our oven is perhaps the most unique thing about Nicky’s. “Enrico” is the oven named after Chef Galzin’s great grandfather that immigrated from Lazio, Italy.

We use anthracite coal from Reading, Pennsylvania as our fuel source. Anthracite is very clean (much more so than wood), and burns nearly smokeless. It produces a very high heat with little residual ash, and a duller, less bright flame. This allows our pies, veggies, meat and fish to be cooked at a higher heat longer, than would be allowed from a bright wood fire.


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