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Our oven is perhaps the most unique thing about Nicky’s. The only coal burning oven in Tennessee, “Enrico” is the oven named after Chef Galzin’s great grandfather that immigrated from Lazio, Italy.  

Custom built for Nicky's in Los Angeles, Enrico is over 10 feet long, just a bit heavier than 4.5 tons and heats up to around 850 degrees daily.

We use anthracite coal from Reading, Pennsylvania as our fuel source. Anthracite is clean burning (much more so than wood), and nearly smokeless. This provides a consistent heat and brightness ideal for our pies, and coal fired meat, seafood, and veggies.


We try to do as much in house as possible. This not only ensures quality, but engages our staff, and allows us work with a wide range of locally sourced meats, dairy, veggies & grain.  
Cool things we like to do include:
*all our own charcuterie from locally raised whole animals * extensive bread program *lots of jams, pickles & ferments * house made pasta * daily spun gelato & sorbetto * locally roasted espresso program* house bar mixes, bitters, syrups, infusions & shrubs * amassing ridiculous amounts of amaro liqueurs * growing little herbs and flowers in our garden*
...just generally trying to make it nice.


Every day we make the pizza dough using Italian "00" flour. This is a non-GMO, unbleached and unbromated flour to yield the perfect texture.

Our pizza dough is leavened naturally with the help of our house sourdough starter named “Bert”, and cold fermented for 48 hours, giving it a special flavor and texture.

Nicky’s pies are made in the style of a Napoletana pizza, but because of the sourdough starter, and use of a coal burning oven rather than wood, they are unique, a bit crispier, and (we think) pretty darn tasty.


Our antipasti menu changes daily with a rotating selection of salads, cheese, charcuterie selections, and little snacks. While our menu changes seasonally, we keep around 4 seasonal pastas, as well as a  daily catch & cut.  
We source only sustainably caught seafood, usually from Gulf & southern coastal fisheries.  
Our daily cut is always sourced from our good friends at Porter Road Butcher.




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